Ghoul's Garden

As you can see there is no gate--the walls aren't about keeping anything out, per se, I just like enclosed spaces. It really gives definition and purpose to a space, contrasts it with what's outside, you know? You can do so much, design-wise, with an interior and exterior. The plants are all native, I've done a little research on what the bees like--there's the pond, the frogs give me a terror but what can you do, frogs have to live somewhere. This gazebo is the Center, where the Anchor is. Please don't touch it. I really don't know what would happen to the moon. There's the well, I wouldn't recommend drinking from it, it can be existentially a bit strange. If you want to get to the Tower you'll have to climb over the wall; exiting through the doorways won't work. And good luck with the Maze. Good luck. Good luck. There should be some radio equipment in there if you want to contact me, but who knows if it's still working?